“I feel I must give some account here of my visit to the College of the Necessary Path (formerly known as the Chreodic College). Its four faculties are the traditional ones. The first, sited above the main campus in several field stations, is the Faculty of Mountain Gravity (which incorporates the schools of Epigenetic Landscape Studies and Ecological Physics). More centrally placed on the campus is the Faculty of Highland Space. Gunn-Sesshu contemplative methodologies are widely adopted here, although Stevensonian and even Humean views are also common. The dominant school is that of Waterfall Studies, but that is complemented by the School of the Carefully Placed Stone. Also based here is the Cloud Chamber project (Wilsonian). The third faculty occupies the well-resourced studio complex, which makes such a visual impact as ones clears the last hairpin bend on the approach to the college. This is the Faculty of Hand and Eye, which incorporates the School of Ecology of Mind. Close by is the cafeteria in its marvellous limestone cavern. Many of you will remember the views of the archipelago from there. The final stop on my visit was the Faculty of Stairs and Labyrinths. Deep within this faculty lies the hexahedral library that defines the knowledge handling of the college by specifying the relationships between different styles. Within that library one can see how the School of Empiricism depends on its co-schools of Rationalism, Classicism and Romanticism. My visit concluded with a reception on the terrace above the sea, followed by a sound sleep in the tented village.”

Pseudonymous text piece by John Douglas (i.e. Murdo Macdonald) ‘A Note from a visiting professor’ in C. Deliss, ed., Metronome 11: What is to be Done? Tokyo, Paris: Metronome Press, 2007. Exhibited magazine, Documenta 12, Kassell.